Post5:Cloud Computing Applications-Remote Oil and Gas Operations.

This post based on various applications of cloud computing in remote oil and gas operations.

The demands to discover new energy resources of oil and gas have increased due to day-by-day increasing of populations at extremely high rates. The chemicals and petroleum industries have proved to be a good energy provider as they extract energy from the natural gas and crude oil. The most important and tedious work for oil and gas exploration is to locate where the natural resources exist.

The actual geology of any place in the world is rarely known in enough detail. With the help of seismic interpretation from the seismic data (2D and 3D), the geology of the region can be known to some extent.(Ahmed S.A. Abuel Ata, Salah S.S. Azzam, and Nahla A.A. EI-Sayed,2012). 

Cloud computing basically is virtualization of all the servers in some remote location without worrying much about the maintenance, storage area and bandwidth of the network to be provided. The reliable and trustworthy solution for these issues would be to merge to some private cloud that would provide the architecture for the 3D rendering to take place in the same machine itself without the need to install extra servers, graphic accelerators or sending the data to other clients.

This emerging technology would provide a fast and direct link between the computer graphics and storage resources. This saves a lot of money for the companies.  One of the most remarkable benefits of cloud computing is that the explorers no longer require to install and host applications as it will be taken care of the by the cloud services. These relieve the explorers from concentrating on the IT section and focus more on their fields. (Tyson Bridger,2011)

A workflow based and designed on the principle of cloud computing acts as a store for years of expertise and modeling advances and also helps publicize and enforce optimum procedures. Some of the oil exploration companies that use cloud computing Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Schlumberger, Halliburton, Honeywell UOP, Worley Parsons and Shell Oil. (Jill Feblowitz,2011).



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