Critical Analysis2: Safety and Health Management System in Oil and gas industry

Title of article: Safety and Health Management System in Oil and gas industry.

Name of the author: Neha Chauhan

Title of journal, volume number, date, month and page numbers:
Safety and Health Management System in Oil and gas industry, Oct 2015-Dec 2014.

Issue Discussed: Health and Safety Hazards in oil and gas industry and preventive measures.

Authors Purpose: The purpose of the author is to discuss and identify the various health and safety hazards related to oil and gas industry. Even though, there is no abstract on the article but the title of the article is very clear, direct and appropriate. Reading through what could be regarded as the introduction made the purpose of the article concise.

Neha Chauhan(2013) explain the benefits of Occupational safety and Health management system as it helps in performing hazard identification, risk assessment. By implementing it reduces the cost associates with accidents and incidents by frequent tracking and monitoring of health and safety indicators to improves relationships between clients, contractors, subcontractors, consultants, suppliers, employees and unions.

Neha Chauhan(2013) explain the perilous nature of the Oil and Gas industry, the need for implementation of an efficient occupational Safety and Health Management System is important for improving safety and health performance. The new directive sets clear rules that cover the whole lifecycle of all exploration and production activities from design to the final removal of an oil or gas installation. Because of the regulatory compliance pressure, the principal responsibility of ensuring operational safety and sustainability is placed on the Oil and
Gas industry.

Neha Chauhan(2013) emphases on implementing Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS) as it provides a systematic and synchronized proactive approach to managing occupational health and safety risks, also helps in defining strategies for implementing control actions, performance substantiation, resource mapping and competency management.

In conclusion, the article is well organized and the author did a detailed job to distinguish, educate and analyze the health and safety aspects in oil and gas industry. Before now, the difference between both always get me confused. However, it is important to note that, most of the arguments put forward in this article by Neha is fairly supported with needed facts, survey and theories which makes the quality of the article to be low, and subject to further research in future.


Neha Chauhan(2013) “Safety and HealtH ManageMent SySteM in Oil and gaS industry”, Availabe at

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