Post2:Mobile Technology in Oil and gas Industry.

Oil and gas companies are depend on Turnarounds (TAR) (Daniel ,2015) which are costly and complex. Poorly executed TAR can result in vulnerability to business and operational risks during strategic events. Mobile Technology can be used to implement TAR strategy. When TAR is done correctly it can have a profound impact on the company both internally from a business and operations perspective and externally from a reputation building standpoint.

Implementation of Mobile Technology helps in ensuring greater onsite safety. TAR can be challenging require fully charged safety devices at a moment’s notice. These devices rare cost effective and less on maintenance. At the onset of TAR no of isolation activities must be completed. Today the oil and gas companies are using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to create efficiency when it comes to reporting. They are widely used for track activity, monitor location and condition of equipment. Mobile solutions are more efficient and effective TARs. These digital tools enable real-time situational awareness and streamlined work and communication process that helps to ensure tasks are complete correctly. By taking advantage of Mobile technology companies can maximize efficiency and safety in TAR scenario.

Mobile App helps ensure accurate flow of information and streamlines field operations by detections of defects and discontinuities in rig and drill pipe before damage occur. All apps are customizable and seamlessly integrate into existing back end systems. Companies are today trending to use mobile apps for contractors, operators and subcontractors in providing the safe work places and ensuring employee safety. Mobile apps designed to improve workforce productivity and safety, prevent failures and incidents, increase asset reliability and performance, customer loyalty and satisfaction thus contributing for a better productivity safety and operational performance.


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