OMP:Reflective One Minute Paper-“What is WEB 3.0 ”

The history of World Wide Web started with the invention of Web 1.0. The limitation of Web 1.0 change or comment on the content material of any web page was restricted. Technically Web page’s information actually shut to external editing. The next generation of the Web is Web 2.0. The two-way communication between World Wide Web and humans through computers and the Internet solved by Web 2.0.

Web 2.0 Web site will allow users to communicate and work together all social networking web sites are examples for this technology. Berners-Lee (2006) explained Web 2.0 gives each individual a space to write his or her thoughts and upload images or videos via their own browser.(Waqar Ahmed,2015) explained these Webs are designed in a way that their content is not limited to just watching, instead users can add and comment on the contents and can communicate with other users.

The next phase of Web evolution, Web 3.0, brings forth new opportunities and challenges. Web 3.0 will change the way people interact with devices and networks, and how companies use information to market and sell their products and operate their businesses (Booz and Company, 2011). Organizations need to be ready and acquire knowledge about the opportunities and negative impacts arising from Web 3.0 technologies. Overall increased collaboration between consumers, developers and machines.

These new technologies create an array of new opportunities. Autonomous characteristics of Web 3.0 technologies will lighten the work load of data management and enable new, intuitive and personalized Web services. Web 3.0 technologies’ ability to integrate and structure data autonomously will increase the accuracy and availability of searching data repositories.


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